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Revolutionary Elephant Tracking and Alert App: Proven Lifesaver in Chhattisgarh, Now Working Towards Making It Available Throughout India.

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ANIMAL Tracker

Wild Animal Warning & Awareness

Kalpvaig is proud to present our latest innovation in wildlife safety technology: the Animal Tracker App. Our app is specifically designed to help forest rangers and officials track the movements of wild animals in the Chattisgarh forest area, and to alert nearby residents to their whereabouts. The app also has a feature to notify users about nearby ” FOREST FIRE ” ensuring they can take necessary precautions.

Smart Notification

Forest Fire Notification

Our app also sends automated calls, whatsapp SMS, text SMS and in app notification warnings about nearby forest fires, ensuring people can take necessary precautions and officials can take quick action to save animals and people nearby.


Forest rangers and officials can add animal location and direction in which they are moving, which automatically triggers a call and SMS to all the people of that area and those within a radius of 10-20km.


Rangers and other officials can check all the animal locations in the past week, month, or year with all the related data and images. That will help in evaluating future movement of animals.


Villager, tourist and forest officers will recieve alerts via call, text SMS, WhatsApp SMS, or app notifications about forest fire & whereabouts of wild animals in their area.


In case of any incident or any wild animal activity or damage. Forest ranger, villagers or officials can report it through the app, enabling the forest department to take quick action.


The app is available in multiple languages like Hindi, English, Gujrati & much more, ensuring that people can easily understand the warnings in their preferred language and do needful.


Officials (villager, forest ranger or any forest department officials) can add more villagers, tourists, or people into the app for warning SMS, call, whatsapp and notification.

Wild Life Community

We caring wild life community to help you stay on track.

The Kalpvaig app provides real-time information about wild animal movements, enabling people to avoid dangerous encounters.

Quick response team can handle the forest fire at earlist and can save animal, forest and people.

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